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Technical Strength

Shenzhen HI has one technical centre. There are more than 270 technical engineers.  Around 80% of them are bachelor. 11 of them are master.17 are senior engineers. 26 are offshore experts from oversea.

Technical Centre target products are offshore equipment and special work vessel. We focus on new products research and innovation. Our design experience including jack-up drilling rig, diving support construction vessel, Multi-purpose Survey and Geotechnical Drilling Vessel,liftboat, accommodation vessel,launch barge,self-propelled cutter dredger, self-propelled hopper dredger,self-propelled heavy lift, offshore tug, sand pile ship, middle size tanker, etc.Technical Centre is approved as Shenzhen city research centre in 2011. Shenzhen HI is approved as China High-Tech Company.

There’s physical chemistry lab in Technical Centre.

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