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Tugboat Service

    Yiu Lian tugboat service was established in 1989. She is one of the major business units of Yiu Lian Dockyards Limited. The service has been mainly rendering tugboat services to all kinds of vessels including Container Ships、Tankers、Bulk Carriers、Cruise Ships etc. The business scopes include berthing/unberthing, escorting, guarding and contingent maritime rescue within waters of Hong Kong port. It has become the one of the largest tugboat fleet in the region, currently it has 16 tugboats, among them there is one 1600HP, one 2600HP tugboat, five 3200HP and six 4000HP tugboats, two 5000HP tugboats and one 6000HP tugboat.

   24hr contact telephone +852-24970655 Fax +852-24354270

1600HP Tugs
Yiu Lian No.28
2600HP Tugs
Yiu Lian No.26
3200HP Tugs
Hai Fa/You Fa/Hai Qi/You Da/ Yiu Lian No.18
4000HP Tugs
Hai An/Hai Tai/Hai You/Hai Lian/Hai Tong/Hai Man
5000HP Tugs
Hai Hoi/Hai Ba
6000HP Tugs
Hai Shan
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