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Offshore Equipment Repair

     Yiu Lian Dockyards Ltd has specialized in offshore engineering since the 1980's. Today, the Dockyard has already accumulated extensive experience and expertise in repairing, refurbishing and converting different kinds of offshore oil rigs.
     Since the docks in Hong Kong are not large enough to accommodate oil rigs and carry out repairs on the leg and the spud cans, the Dockyard invented a unique technique in 1984 by using a caisson with latticed structure to replace one of the spud-legs and support the rig. Thus, the rig could be reliably and safely lifted above the sea level for inspection and repairs without docking. Together with the technique of using “bi-barge dock”, the Dockyard has successfully completed repair work on jack-up oil rigs "Nan Hai No.1", “Nan Hai No.2”, “Nan Hai No.3”, “Nan Hai No.4”, “Nan Hai No.5”, “Nan Hai No.6”, “Bo Hai No.4” and “Kan Tan No.3”, etc.
     The unique techniques and the quality of the repair work have fulfilled the standards and requirements of classification survey set by ABS and CCS.  
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