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Ship Repair

Hull Repair

Being one of the biggest ship repairers in Far East, the Company has accumulated extensive experience in hull repair. It has trained a large number of specialized technicians and has established a formidable technical team to undertake a wide range of repair work from annual and special surveys, docking repair, voyage repair, sea damage, emergency repairs and highly sophisticated conversions for all kinds of vessels.

Machinery Repair

Machinery Repair Workshop mainly includes machine shop, fitter shop, pipe shop and apparatus repairing shop. With specialized precision facilities, skillful technicians and excellent management, the Workshop is renowned across Asia for machinery repair.

Repairs on main and auxiliary engines, boilers, control systems, deck machinery, pipes, shafts and various repair work are standard practice in the Workshop.

In addition to the above services, Yiu Lian Dockyards Ltd is capable of providing metal-spraying, engine bearing reconditioning and governor repairs, etc. The governor service is provided by a service facility recognized by “Woodward Governor Company” (our joint-venture “Rikky & Associates Engineering Co. Ltd”). It provides services of maintenance, reconditioning, overhauling and testing for mechanical and hydraulic governors.

Electric Aparatus Repair

With an area of 3,965 square meters, our Electrical Workshop is equipped with a motor load testing device, an infra-red oven (3.2m X 2.0m X 2.9m), a 48.7KW electric oven, a 50KW frequency converter (50 Hz to 60 Hz), a large-scale vacuum dipping and insulation equipment, as well as winding machines to undertake following works: overhaul and maintenance of motors (AC & DC) , generators, transformers, switch boards, automatic systems and other electrical appliances.

Propeller Repair

Our Propeller Repair Workshop has specialized facilities and technicians to repair different kinds of propellers. Special techniques are used for mending defects such as cracks, breaks, deformations and corrosion of propeller blades as well as surface polishing, pitch measuring, dynamic and static balancing. Our repair works have gained approvals from “ABS”, “CCS”, “DNV” and “GL” Classification Societies.

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