Steel Cutting Ceremony of Mid-deep Water Semi-submersible Drilling Rig (CMHI-182)

On October 8, 2018, the steel cutting ceremony of mid-deep water semi-submersible drilling rig bearing hull no.: CMHI-182 was held in  Hull Workshop of CMHI(JS). Presided over by Mr. Yan Changqing, assistant general manager of CMHI(JS), more than thirty attendees joined the ceremony, including Mr. Yao rulin, General Manager of CMHI(JS) and Mr. Zheng hehui,Vice-General Manager of CMHI(JS) together withRepresentatives of shipowners and class surveyors, leaders of various departments and members of project teams. The company and shipowners Speeches were deliveredby leader of CMHI(JS) and owner respectively at the ceremony.

CM-SD1000 mid-deep water semi-submersible drilling rig is a new-generation product with high efficiency, which can greatly reduce the cost of exploitation for the implementation of the national marine power strategy andthe2025 strategy of manufacturing in China, meanwhile as key R & D project listed in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's "Guidelines for Scientific Research Projects of High-tech Ships". CMHI(JS) will carefully plan and organize, mobilize experienced engineers and workers, and make every effort to complete the construction task of mid-deep water semi-submersible drilling rig with high quality and on time.

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