Dock Repair “NanHaiShengKai” Successfully Completed

On December 21, Yue Zuan, the deputy director of the CNOOC Nanhai Eastern Petroleum Administration Bureau, accompanied by Liu Yiyong, the general manager of the Deepwater Engineering Construction Center of the Shenzhen Branch of China National Offshore Oil (China) Co., Ltd., came to Mazhou Island to inspect and accept the FSOU, and thanked the shipyard for its unremitting efforts for nearly four months. General manager Wu Sichuan received the guests.


The deputy director and his party visited the site. After a detailed understanding of the repair of the main deck, the operation of the cabin equipment and the centralized control room, they fully affirmed the work of this emergency dock repair of “Nan Hai Sheng Kai”.


At 9:28 am on December 23, the “Nan Hai Sheng Kai” FSOU successfully left Mazhou Island Base and went to the oil field to resume production. The “Nan Hai Sheng Kai” will renew its vitality and open a new journey.

Source: Production Dept.

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