Modification of “Kan Tan 3” Successfully Completed

Accompanied by the first sunshine in the morning, the modification of “Kan Tan 3” oil rig of Sinopec Shanghai Offshore Oil Bureau was successfully completed.

The upgrade and reconstruction project is the largest renovation of “Kan Tan 3”, mainly involving the overall renewal of the entire living area, 8 sets of windlass, 2 sets of cranes, 2 sets of generators and a drilling winch, the expansion of the SCR Room, and the maintenance of platform equipment and structures.

Due to the heavy workload and tight time of this upgrade and transformation task, the leaders of both sides attach great importance to it. Before the platform enters the factory, they fully communicated, formulated the process plan, and set up a strong project team. From the moment the platform is berthed, the two sides cooperated more closely, and each key node was safely and smoothly completed. The owner side and the yard side merged into one, and they worked hard together for 80 days and nights. They did not fear the hardships and worked hard to ensure the safety and smooth completion of “Kan Tan 3”.

The platform left the factory smoothly ahead of schedule, marking it embarking on a new journey. All the project team members carried out the spirit of the 19th National Congress with practical actions, realized the shipyard's commitment to the shipowners, consolidated its position in the market, and furtherly deepened the alliance between the shipyard and the Shanghai Offshore Oil Bureau!

Source: Production Dept.

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