MazhouBase Undertakes Marine Renewable Energy Proj.

China Merchants Industry Holdings Co., Ltd. successfully won the bid for the first two sub-projects of the 2017 Marine Renewable Energy Fund Project tendered by National Oceanic Administration. The two projects, Pack-01 and Pack-04, have both signed project contracts and implementation plans.

Among them, 7 companies including China Merchants Heavy Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Energy Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences won the bid for the Pack-01 project ‘Nanhai Megawatt Wave Energy Demonstration Project’, with a national funding of 100 million yuan. The project is the most important, the largest investment tendered by the National Oceanic Administration in recent years. It’s the national benchmarking project, as well as the "13th Five-Year" highlight project. The project is Asia-leading, world-renowned large-scale, China's first megawatt wave power generation platform, with an annual power generation of 1 million kWh, which will effectively solve the problem of electricity use in remote islands in China. The implementation of this project has laid a solid foundation for promoting the important advancement of China's wave energy industry from “energy generation” to “stable power generation” and gradually forming industrialization.

Yiu Lian Dockyards (Shekou) Co., Ltd. as the lead unit, along with three other companies including the Guangzhou Energy Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences won the bid for the Pack-04 project “Nanhai Anti-Wind Wave Energy Deepwater Aquaculture Platform Demonstration”, which will build a large-scale integration of wave power generation and deepwater culture. This platform will promote the development of China's aquaculture cages from the Gulf to the deep sea and promote the leap-forward development of China's deepwater aquaculture industry.

The successful bidding of the above projects has enabled China Merchants Industry Holdings Co., Ltd. to achieve breakthroughs in the field of marine renewable energy, which is a milestone for the company to realize the important strategic transformation from traditional offshore product manufacturing to the developing of blue ocean economy.

News Source: Technical Center

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