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CMI Signs Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement with University of Bologna in Italy

On the afternoon of 27th June (Italian time), the signing ceremony of Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement between CMI and University of Bologna was officially held in the main campus of the university. Simple Hu, general manager of CMI signed the agreement with Francesco Umbertini, headmaster of University of Bologna.

As the largest university which has a profound history (founded in 1088) in Italy, University of Bologna has an outstanding scientific research ability, great academic prestige and international influence. 

To realize strategic plan made by CMG, CMI founded CMIT (China Merchants Industry Technology) in Ravenna, Italy in May of 2018 and recruited a lot of talents for the research of luxury cruises in Europe, which provided profound technical support for implementation of CMG’s strategy.

Under the support of CMIT, University of Bologna visited CMG and CMI in December of last year. The cooperation was made possible with the common efforts of both sides. After the signing of the ceremony, CMIT looks forward to a new cooperation mode with University of Bologna which enables the both sides to play its advantages and profound influences and realize a win-win situation.

Lou Dongyang, financial controller of CMI, Jacky Liu, general manager of Offshore Engineering Technology Center, Siemen Chen and Simon Ye, general manager assistants of Commercial Headquarters in CMI, Stefano Schiavo, general manager of CMIT, all attended the ceremony.

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