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Wang Jiang, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province, Inspected the Cruise Shipbuilding Base Project

The luxury cruise shipbuilding project of China Merchants Group is one of the major industrial projects in Jiangsu Province in 2018, and is directly reported to Wang Jiang, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province. On 29 November, Wang Jiang and his team conducted on-site investigations on the dock area of the cruise shipbuilding base and the production site of Polar Expedition Cruise Project, and held a seminar. Wang Cuijun, Deputy General Manager of China Merchants Group, Hu Xianfu, General Manager of CMI, Jiang Tiefeng, Deputy General Manager of CMSK, Yao Rulin, Assistant General Manager of CMI and Mei Xianzhi, General Manager of China Merchants Cruise Shipbuilding attended the meeting.
Hu Xianfu presented the strategic planning of China Merchants Group in developing the whole industry chain for global cruise manufacturing, as well as cruise shipbuilding base, cruise supporting industrial park, international cruise city and innovative research and development. He also highlighted the polar expedition cruises, LNG carrier and other products under construction.
Wang Cuijun emphasized that China Merchants Group is committed to build the whole industry chain for luxury cruise manufacturing. Luxury cruise shipbuilding is an emerging industry strategic project, also one of the nine most supported industries by the Chinese government. Wang Cuijun explained the key problems in the current reporting process, and hope to get approval and support at the provincial level and even at the national level.

Wang Jiang highly recognized the preliminary work of China Merchants cruise shipbuilding base project, and pointed out that in next stage requires the establishment of a mechanism and joint cooperation to ensure the smooth commencement of the project. Therefore, Wang Jiang requested the local government to strengthen protection and project tracking. Relevant functional departments at the provincial level should optimize their service to facilitate the reporting and approval process.

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