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Li Zhongjuan, Deputy Inspector of NDRC investigated the Haimen Base

On 16 November, Li Zhongjuan, Deputy Inspector of National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) visited the Haimen Base of CMI, and investigated the cruise shipbuilding site of CMHI and China Merchants Offshore Technology Research Center, followed by a seminar. Hu Xianfu, General Manager of CMI, Yao Rulin, General Manager Assistant of CMI and General Manager of CMHI (Jiangsu), as well as Mei Xianzhi, General Manager of China Merchants Shipbuilding also attended the meeting.

Hu Xianfu presented the business operation of CMI in Haimen. He expressed that CMHI (Jiangsu) is mainly engaged in high-end offshore engineering construction. Relying on the strong independent R&D capabilities of China Merchants Offshore Technology Research Center, the transformation and upgrading of products are accelerated. Meanwhile, luxury cruise shipbuilding is also under planning. The planning and design are very innovative and all ahead of the industry. The cruise shipbuilding base, cruise facilities industrial park and international cruise city will drive the development of the entire cruise shipbuilding industry in China. 

Li Zhongjuan fully affirmed the high-end offshore engineering construction and cruise facilities industrial park, especially the luxury cruise shipbuilding project, which provided new ideas for the transformation and upgrading of the shipbuilding industry of China. More importantly, it showed strong R&D capabilities and market competitiveness of the enterprise, and performed as a guide of the direction of transformation and upgrading.

Yin Jianqing, Deputy Inspector of Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission, relevant PIC of Nantong Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Guo Xiaomin, Mayor of Haimen City, Jiang Yongjun, Deputy Mayor of Haimen City, relevant PIC of Haimen Municipal Development and Reform Commission and Haimen Development Zone also attended the meeting.

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