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Fu Gangfeng visited the Haiman Base of CMI

On October 19, Fu Gangfeng, General Manager of China Merchants Group, visited the Haimen Base of CMI to investigate the Polar Adventure Cruise Project of China Merchants Offshore Technology Research Center. Wang Cuijun, Deputy General Manager of China Merchants Group, also attended the visit.

China Merchants Offshore Technology Research Center and the PIC of Polar Expedition Cruise Project presented the work report to Fu Gangfeng, and he conducted on-site investigations on the factory area of CMHI (Jiangsu), planned factory area of the cruise shipbuilding base and the production site of Polar Expedition Cruise Project.

For the research and development of offshore engineering, Fu pointed out that from the perspective of the development and the overall competitiveness of the China industry, it is not advanced as the developed countries in Europe and America. Therefore, it is crucial to recognize the importance of mastering core technologies and equipment. He emphasized that China Merchants Group and CMI will strongly support China Merchants Offshore Technology Research Center, and he put forward the following requirements for the center:

Firstly, in response to the "Made in China 2025" initiative of the state, the center shall implement the development strategy of high-end offshore engineering equipment and strengthen the R&D innovation capabilities of offshore engineering, strive to build a world leading offshore technology research center. More importantly, the center shall set a main focus and a comprehensive plan for the future R&D development. Besides, communication with advanced production bases and research institutes is also the key to success. Moreover, in line with the group strategy, strengthen the cooperation with Marine Sci-Tech & Research Centre in Sanya, Hainan. Last but not least, the center shall aim at making outstanding contributions to China in regards of R&D results.

The relevant PIC of Finance Department, Regional Development Department, General Office, Strategy and Development Department, Logistics Department and Information Centre of China Merchants Group, CMSK, CMI, CMHI (Jiangsu), China Merchants Cruise Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and China Merchants Offshore Technology Research Center also attended the visit.

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