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CMI launched Master Data Establishment Project

On 19 October 2018, China Merchants Industry Holdings Co., Ltd. ("CMI") launched Master Data Establishment Project at China Merchants Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. Relevant PIC of Information Centre of China Merchants Group, our project consulting firm Sunwayworld Science & Technology Co., Ltd., the headquarters and subsidiaries of CMI also participated in the kick-off meeting.

The implementer introduced the project outline, implementation plans, risks and measures as well as recent status of the project. Emphasis is placed on the fact that master data is the core and basic data shared between systems across the Group. It has high business value and data can be shared, streamed and reused across different business departments or systems. The establishment of master data is an important basis for realizing system integration, creating a unified information platform, as well as effectively putting forth the value of data assets. The objectives of this project are: to establish a management system of data standards and master data declaration, review and release; to conduct data cleaning and utilize master data management platform of the Group to establish a main database; and, to synchronize the data of master data management platform and related information systems.

Lou Dongyang, Financial Controller of CMI, stressed that master data establishment is crucial to building an integrated information platform and achieving smart manufacturing. He claimed that informatization and master data establishment are ultimately a management issue. All companies shall unify their thinking and awareness, designate responsible leaders and form internal project work teams. The project work team of CMI shall be acted by the informatization work team, risk management department shall undertake the project work office. The deliverables and major issues formed by the project shall be decided by the informatization work team of CMI, to ensure smooth completion of work according to the project work plan.

Relevant PIC of the headquarters of CMI, CMHI and Yiulian Zhoushan participated the meeting through video conference.

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