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Mazhou Island Base has fought against the Super Typhoon Mangkhut——Feng Xianguo, Vice President of PICC visited the Base after the typhoon

In the afternoon of November 7, Feng Xianguo, Vice President of the People’s Insurance Company (Group) of China Limited (“PICC”) led a team to visit the Mazhou Island Base after they had coped with the super typhoon Mangkhut in September.

Hu Xianfu, General Manager of CMI and Feng Xianguo exchanged views on disaster prevention, especially the experience as an enterprise located along the coastal line. Feng delivered a pennant, a sympathy letter and solatia to the Mazhou Island Base on behalf of PICC to extend sympathy over typhoon damage.

Feng highly appreciated the achievements on disaster prevention made by the Mazhou Island Base of CMI. He hopes to establish an online tropical cyclone monitoring system in Guangdong Province to help making quick response to the typhoon in order to prevent serious damage.

Hu Xianfu welcomed Feng Xianguo and his team to the Base, and gave an overall introduction to our typhoon precautionary measures. The Mazhou Island Base has set a precedent for the berth protection during typhoon, and typhoon precautionary measures have always been the focus of our safety work. Benefits from our comprehensive measures on disaster prevention, Typhoon Mangkhut did not cause major economic losses to the Base. Hu Xianfu appreciated PICC as a pioneer to encourage and promote disaster prevention, which is different from the traditional practice of the insurance industry.

Li Zhenping, General Manager of PICC Shenzhen Branch and General Manager of PICC Special Risk Insurance Division, Li Haitang, leader of PICC Shenzhen Branch, Li Wenhua, Deputy General Manager of CMI, Wu Sichuan, Deputy General Manager of CMI, Strategic Development Department and Risk Control Department of CMI and leaders of the Mazhou Island Base also attended the meeting.

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