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Students Teachers Meeting of Cruise Training Program

On October 25, Wu Tian, General Manager of Human Resources Department, Luo Wenchen, Deputy General Manager of Strategic Development Department, Shen Qidan, Manager of Human Resources Department of China Merchants Industry Holdings Co., Ltd. ("CMI"), as well as corporate class teachers and training team members of Haimen Cruise Shipbuilding Base under CMI, participated Students Teachers Meeting of Cruise Training Program held at the Wuhan Institute of Shipbuilding Technology ("WSPC").

Before the meeting, WSPC and Human Resources Department of CMI discussed post-work of Cruise Training Program. On the meeting day, the training team introduced the Cruise Training Program, corporate working environment and facilities as well as the career path of students after graduation. In addition, Luo Wenchen held a seminar on "The Glory and Dream of China Merchants Cruise Shipbuilding", introduced the basic knowledge of cruises and layout of the cruise industry of China.

Cruise Training Program is a professional cooperation project jointly organised by CMI and WSPC. It aims to train up a group of excellent on-site management talents to support CMI and the cruise industry of China. This meeting strengthened the communication between the institute and the enterprise, broaden the students' horizons and enhanced their confidence in the cruise shipbuilding industry, which laid a good foundation for the smooth implementation of the project.

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