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Mazhou Island Base completed the repair of the first foreign LNG Carrier

At 11:00am on October 15, PUTERI NILAM SATU, a LNG Tanker under the flag of Malaysia, slowly berthed at the No. 2 berth of shipbuilding and repairing base of Mazhou Island under CMI. This is the first foreign LNG Carrier Mazhou Island Base undertook for repair after the repairing of LNG carriers "Min Lu" and "Lucia Ambition" in 2017. The repair of PUTERI NILAM SATU has been highly recognized by ship owners, management companies and classification societies, especially in the aspects of safety management and quality control. This marked Mazhou Island base has officially entered the international market in the field of LNG ship repair.

PUTERI NILAM SATU is the No. 96 LNG carrier under EAGLESTAR SHIPMANAGEMENT in Malaysia. It was built in 2003 with a total weight of 94,446 tons and the dimension of 276.0m x 43.4m. The gas storage capacity is 134833m?.

The major repairs include: outboard repair of 12 cryogenic pumps in the tank; global test of the insulating layer; repairs and tests of various cryogenic valves and safety vales; inspection of HD&LD cargo compressor; repair of high temperature and high pressure boilers; upgrade of the boiler fuel system; inspection of steam turbines in the feed water pumps of the main and auxiliary machine and boiler ; as well as other conventional dock repair works.

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